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Wall Mirrors

Home furnishing is never complete without certain universal items, which have been popular for years at any latitude. Wall mirrors certainly belong to this group. This simple and practical item is indispensable in our everyday life. We can always take a quick look at the reflection in the mirror and check our appearance and clothes – to confirm that we are ready to go out. The wall mounted pane also beautifully complements and decorates any interior. Its surface beautifully diffuses the rays of light, brightening the room and the reflected light makes the room lighter. In addition, it visually enlarges the room. Additionally, wall mounted mirrors take up little space and their assembly is easy.

Bathroom mirrors

We cannot imagine a bathroom without a mirror. After all, people apply face cream, shave, put in contact lenses or put their makeup on every day. Bathroom mirrors are indispensable – all those activities can be performed quickly and efficiently when we see our reflection in the glass pane. Usually we mount them on the wall above the washbasin, and place a bathroom shelf underneath, where we can keep all the necessary things at hand. The form of the most popular models selected for this room is simple and geometric. In this case, the utility function is superior to the decorative one. A towel stand or a ceiling mounted towel rack placed nearby the mirror may come in handy. These are original forms of a classic hanger, which – coming in the same colour as the mirror – create a harmonious bathroom arrangement.

Round and round choice

Circle is certainly the most popular shape of mirror among the customers. Despite its simplicity, it is after all a perfect figure! Thanks to its uncomplicated form there is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to decorating the frame. Starting from the simplest, slightly asymmetrical shape, ending with an exquisitely forged openwork – the circular shape of the mirror will look perfect with any frame. Round mirrors with a frame are timeless and will suit any style – from a rough loft, through delicate Provence, to the sophisticated Orient. You won’t be able to take your eyes off them!

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors with a frame open up a lot of possibilities when it comes to decoration – after all, we do not use them only for practical purposes! When choosing a perfect model for your interior, you do not have to stick only for the classic circle or rectangle. A black frame with a quaint, geometric shape will perfectly highlight an industrial interior. A wall in the hall will look great with large patterned mirror. A classic mirror in a decorative golden frame will fit perfectly into a luxurious living room. A smaller model hung above the dressing table in the bedroom will be quite enough, especially if we usually use a standing mirror there. A hanging mirror will always be at the right height and at the right angle – which cannot be said in the case of the standing mirrors with short supports. This type of mirror may also tip over and shatter easily – a wall mounted mirror will not bring you bad luck!