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Bathroom Shelves

In every house and flat there are various categories of products that help us to keep the space tidy, and the absence of which would be painfully felt by all household members. Without these items and accessories, the house would be a complete mess and chaos. The bathroom is a particularly messy place because it is full of toiletries, small packages and all sorts of bathroom accessories. This is where ergonomic solutions are especially needed – like practical bathroom shelves! They keep all your small and large essentials and your favourite toiletries in their place, always close at hand and ready to use at any time. Hanging on the wall, shelves are a functional accessory: ideal storage products for both big and small bathrooms. In our range, you’ll find a variety of shelf models for the bathroom: straight as well as corner ones, ideal also for the shower and over the bathtub.

Without a doubt, a convenient bathroom shelf is a solution that also works well in toilets. Even if the room with the bath or shower is separate, in the toilet it is also worth taking care of extra storage space for accessories such as paper, soap or spare towels. Installing a quality shelf will undoubtedly help you keep things tidy and you can easily find the toiletries and other bathroom accessories you need for everyday use. After all, we can’t always put all our stuff in the cupboard under the sink! What’s more, we want to have easy access to some of our cosmetics. In small spaces, even a short bathroom shelf can hold a few essential items. Wondering which shelf will work better in your bathroom: a straight or a corner shelf? It depends on where it’s installed, but either one will certainly help you position your favourite accessories!

Solid support

It’s clear that bathroom furniture should be as durable, resistant and timeless as possible. The same principle applies to bathroom shelves! First of all, pay attention to their material of construction, so that the shelf is resistant to various factors, such as high humidity or temperature changes in the room. After all, this is the type of product that will be used intensively in a humid environment. In addition, bathroom shelves are often cleaned with surfactants, so you should choose one that is chemical resistant. Based on these factors, the models in our range are the best choice. Why? First of all, steel is a durable material that is not susceptible to damage – unlike the most popular glass shelves. Even if you drop something on it, a metal shelf will be fine, unlike models made of glass. What’s more, every bathroom shelf in our range has a safety catch at the front to stop things falling off. How high it is depends on the model you choose.

Wooden bathroom shelves aren’t ideal either, as wood tends to swell and warp when exposed to high humidity. A metal shelf can withstand any conditions! It will certainly serve you for a long time and will survive many renovations. You can also often find bathroom shelves mounted with suction cups. Usually, the fixings weaken with time, so any products you place on such a shelf will fall off with it. Without a doubt, a much better solution is to choose a shelf that is mounted to the wall with wall plugs rather than suction cups. Another advantage of metal bathroom shelves is that you can decide on their appearance. All models, both simple and decorative, are available in five colours. As many as five colours are available: black, white, gold, silver and copper. Of course, you will also get plugs in the colour of your choice to hide the mounting elements. So you can perfectly match the colour of the shelf to the tiles and other fixtures in your bathroom.

Shelf comfort

The first place you think of when you think of a shelf in the bathroom is the space under the mirror. That’s where we put the “necessities”: toothbrushes and toothpaste, creams, perfume. It definitely makes the morning beauty ritual or evening relaxation in the home spa easier. What’s more, you’ll always have a set of your favourite cosmetics on hand. However, it’s also a good idea to hang the shelf higher up to keep your cleaning products on it. It’s also a good idea to hang an extra shelf above the washing machine. There you can put your laundry essentials, such as washing powder, fabric softener and capsules. In this way, you will organise a convenient toolbox, making it easier to keep the bathroom clean and store the chemicals in question. In addition, children should not have access to household chemicals. A shelf of sufficient height guarantees safe storage of chemicals which do not