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Bicycle Racks

More and more city dwellers resign from daily commuting by car or public transport, which are often associated with time-consuming standing in traffic jams. On the other hand, we can observe that moving by bike is becoming more and more popular. People more and more often treat a bicycle as their primary vehicle, which they use to go to school, work, or go shopping. No wonder! It’s cheap, environmentally friendly, and appropriate for healthy means of transport. Due to the ever-increasing number of cyclists, bicycle racks in urban and public spaces are essential.

Moreover, many people choose two wheels also for leisure purposes. That is why bike stands should be found not only at offices, universities, or stores. It’s worth having them in parks, squares, or markets to take a break, without problems, during a Sunday ride with children. It is also worth providing an adequate number of parking spaces outside or in bicycle rooms in the block of flats so that every resident can leave their bike with ease.

Bicycle parking

Serial spiral bike racks are one of the most versatile types. They are suitable for both single-sided and double-sided parking – it all depends on how the rack is placed. What is more, a rack can be assembled both on the ground and on the wall. It only depends on the amount of space you have. Spiral racks are modular and multi-position models. Therefore they are perfect for a place where you need to provide sufficiently large bicycle parking.

They are suitable for parks, large stores, and shopping malls. It is also worth placing a spring-shaped stand near a school. In this case, the bike is attached by the wheel, so even small children’s bikes can be easily placed on the bracket. It will be beneficial at the university or near the dormitory because many cyclists are students. The spiral rack is an excellent housing estate model. It takes up relatively little space in front of the building, but it can provide parking spaces for many bicycles.

Convenience for the cyclist, safety for the bike

One of the most popular types is single U racks. They are usually made of pipe and sometimes of steel profile. It is one of the most convenient brackets for cyclists, as the vehicle is clipped to the railing by the frame. However, they are suitable for fastening only two bikes. For this reason, they are relevant for places where there are not many bikes parked. They are perfect for mounting at various points in the city and along bicycle paths. It will allow cyclists to make a stop in a given place without worrying about their bikes. When choosing a bike rack, there are several factors to consider.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a bicycle rack. First of all, it must be functional and comfortable to use. Additionally, the bicycle rack should be durable and resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage and destruction. Solid fabrication material, together with padlocks, cables, security, and fasteners, can increase the safety of parked bicycles against theft. That is why it is worth betting on practical stands made of stainless or galvanized steel.