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Wood tables

Some pieces of home furnishings have many uses. Undoubtedly, a table is such a multifunctional piece of furniture. Besides playing the usual role, which is to put meals on it, it can also work as a worktop in the kitchen or a desk for study or work. However, choosing the right table depends on the available space in the room. That’s why we have different sizes and shapes of our wood tables. So you can find a table that suits you whether your space is large or small. A large dining room table will work beautifully with chairs, while a small kitchen table can easily hide stools underneath.
An excellent idea is to choose a table, bench, and coffee table from the same family. By placing them in different rooms of your home, you can create a cohesive and very stylish arrangement of your home space.

A table for everyone

If you have a big family or often invite friends over, a large table is a must! Everyone will find a comfortable place at it. The choice of tabletop size depends on your needs. If you need a dining table for 8, 10, or even 12 people, you’ll find it here! If you’re looking for something smaller, like a kitchen table for 4 or 6 people, you’ll also find the appropriate model. Our wide range of tabletop sizes means you’ll find something to suit your needs.
And if you choose a table that’s big enough, you’ll be able to fit not only your whole family or your guests but also your tableware. When you put all the things you need right on the table, you’ll cut down the time you spend shuttling between the kitchen and the dining room. Instead of having to carry dishes in and out all the time, you’ll be able to spend time at the table enjoying moments with your loved ones.

Go for style

Natural wood is a material that never goes out of fashion. That’s why solid wood tables are timeless classics that are the essence of good taste. You can opt for ash, oak, or pine model in their natural colour or choose a shade from a palette of available stains. Undoubtedly, a wood table will serve you for years, constantly pleasing you with its invariably fashionable and unique character!

If you want to furnish your living room uniquely and a bit exclusively, it is worth pairing the table with a living room chest of drawers, especially in black. In this way, you will get an elegant and unique design of your interior. In this way, you will get an elegant and unique design of your interior. This harmonious arrangement will add a luxurious touch to your room and delight the whole family and all guests!