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Table Bases

One of the most important pieces of furniture at home is a table. It might be made of wood, glass or metal. Whatever floats your boat. However, what is constant, is the fact that people get around the table to communicate and socialize. Many significant moments in both private as well as professional life take place at a table. So, choosing the right table while decorating a house, an apartment or an office can be quite challenging. If the table lasts for years, it will bear witness to many wonderful family gatherings as well as professional successes. To make this possible, one needs to choose solid table bases, that are capable of bearing the weight of the table top and anything on it, even if it becomes a dance floor for a little while.

Metal table frames seem to make the most reliable table bases. They are a modern solution, being not only functional but also a decorative element of the interior.

Solid table base

Designer metal table legs are a utilitarian structure which can easily become a sculpture and the focal point of any room. The combination of the coolness of the metal with the dynamic shape of the frame project make a very aesthetically pleasing table base. It will be ideal for interiors which are minimalistic in style and will emphasise the vibe of an industrial or loft style. It is a universal solution, following the latest trends in design.

Metal table frame

The metal table frame is universal. Accordingly, can easily become a base for a coffee table or even for a desk, as well as being a table base. Thanks to its multifuncionality, there exist many arrangement possibilities for a dining room, kitchen and a living room. The metal table frame will also work well while decorating an office, conference halls or a lobby. The use of metal based furniture in several different rooms will contribute to creating or emphasising a cohesive look of the interior.

Table with wooden, glass or plastic table top

Metal table bases create many opportunities because metal will emphasize the wooden, glass or plastic table top in a unique way. Choosing one of the available models, each one being unique, you get an individual sculpture consisting of the table frame which becomes an eye-catching, central point of the room. We offer over a hundred table bases, some of which are made of stainless steel. The most popular types are Spider and Milan, with their unusual table leg design. Also on offer is the possibility of DIY assembly of the table base for the Spider model type, which consists of eight elements. You can get single legs in many styles as well as the purchase of a complete table made of solid wood: oak, ash or pine.