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Plant Stands

Natural elements as a home decoration are a strong trend in interior design. Usually, our choice is live green plants. Sometimes it will be one pot, sometimes a green oasis in a selected room, another time a few favorite flowers throughout the house. However, to emphasize potted plants’ beauty, it is worth taking care of their setting, i.e., appropriate plant stands. In addition, living plants are an ornament and an element that introduces peace and harmony. Undoubtedly, they can calm us down and substitute for contact with nature, so desired in the urban jungle.

Of course, for many people, the cultivation of ornamental plants is not only a current trend, but above all a serious hobby! Planting, watering, transplanting or fertilizing – all this can be treated as real entertainment. When the plants develop beautifully during their flowering period, you will indeed feel great satisfaction in your effort. To emphasize their natural beauty and honor your work, it is worth displaying flowers on unique stands.

Metal flower stands – the perfect place for potted plants

A metal standing flowerbed is a form of a pot stand that is gaining in popularity. Round, rectangular, or maybe openwork? Each of them will be an attractive solution for placing a pot, but above all, a background for flowers’ natural greenery. Significantly, metal flower beds in various forms, but the same style, placed in one or more rooms of a house, apartment or office, will help to achieve the desired harmony. The combination of versions with different heights will allow you to achieve the effect of a modern flower ladder. You can also choose a decorative frame for plants and creepers.

Choosing a minimalist metal flowerbed, which is inconspicuous, but thanks to its form, is an ornament, makes the interior expressive. A metal flower stand in a modern style is perfect for industrial or loft interiors. Thanks to its modernist form, it will also be a suitable addition to a living room or bathroom, decorated in a slightly richer aesthetic. Indeed, such a flowerbed will take root in your space for a long time!

Standing flower beds – a home oasis of greenery

The interesting design of the minimalist flower stand combined with the wealth of available options means that everyone will find the perfect product. The standing plant stands are available in various models: with a deep pot, with an inner pot, or with a deep shelf. Many patterns are available in several sizes to match the arranged interior. Standing flowerbeds can also choose a square or rectangular model for one, two, or three pots or a version with a cover. These are great opportunities to create an original arrangement of a green oasis and introduce coherence and harmony to the interior.

However, a built-up standing flowerbed has many more advantages than an attractive appearance. First of all, it can act as a cover for one or more pots. It will help to hide this unclean plastic element, showing only leaves, stems, and inflorescences. Additionally, if the plant requires a drainage layer and the soil, you do not have to worry that the stand under the pot will not stop excess water that will flood the floor or window sill. A metal flowerbed will prevent such accidents!

Glows and shadows

Some plants or seedlings require a semi-shaded or shaded position to develop correctly. If you grow such species, a rack is essential. You can put everything in any place, best suited to the needs of a given variety. You can’t put such plants on the windowsill, which is often sunlit! Some plants do the opposite – they only need to be exposed to the sun for a few hours a day. Such varieties also come in handy for a flower bed that is easy to transfer.

What about caring for plants that love sunbathing? The window sill only seems to be the best solution. First, you prevent yourself from opening your window wide. Secondly, if there is a radiator under the windowsill (which is a widespread phenomenon) during the heating season, you expose your plants to frequent temperature changes and contact with dry air. Many varieties do not like these conditions – they require the right soil level or air moisture to bloom fully.