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Wall Crosses

Cross has been present in traditional Polish homes for centuries. It is the most recognizable sign of faith and Christian tradition and a symbol of supreme love and the miracle of Resurrection. The cross reminds us of suffering and reconciliation and the mystery of the Passion of Christ. Catholics believe that it will protect their home from misfortune and bring blessings to the residents. It usually occupies a vital and easily visible place for the household members. This symbol plays a crucial role in Catholic life and informs guests that they visit a Christian home. That is why wall crosses are the perfect gift on the occasion of a baptism, First Communion, confirmation, wedding, or any other celebration of a religious nature. The cross given to the priest after his ordination and priming Mass will become a souvenir of this important event in his spiritual life.

Where to hang the cross?

A hanging cross is an essential part of the home for many people. It is a declaration of faith as well as a reminder of the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. Believers often make the sign of the cross before it as a symbol of communion with God. The Pope, Saint John Paul II, spoke of this symbol in this way: “May it remind us of God’s love for man, which has found its deepest manifestation in the cross.” Therefore, to display this sign of Christian faith, we usually place wall crosses in a prominent place, in the central part of the house. The location of the cross is a testimony and proof of faith, visible to every person entering the house. It can also become a point of gathering, religious worship, and prayer daily and on holiday.

Crosses over doors

In most homes, it is customary to hang a cross, usually a Latin cross, in the middle, above the front door or main room. Small crosses, characterised by a simple form, are chosen for this place. Figurative representations are the most popular. However, it is also common to see only the symbol of the cross, without the figure of Jesus Christ depicted on it. Regardless of the form of the cross on the wall, it will always be a testimony of Christian identity, the memory of God’s mercy, and the promise of salvation in heaven.

Crosses for the home

It is impossible to forget that this symbol has a practical function in addition to its religious one. During the pastoral visit, the faithful and the priest turn to the cross in common prayer. That is why it is an indispensable part of the Christian home, along with the sprinkler and the Bible. This sign also has a decorative function. These are the reasons why wall crosses are often chosen as gifts for a new home. Hanging in a prominent place, it signals membership of the Church community and commitment to the values of the gifted family.

Not only wooden

In recent years, wooden crosses are increasingly being replaced by forms made of metal. They fit perfectly into modern interiors. Metal images in the form of icons are also an intriguing solution. Hanging on the wall next to the cross, they will create a place for contemplation and religious reflection at home. Candlesticks placed next to them will complete the space intended for common family prayer.