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Furniture Legs

The most eye-catching amongst furniture accessories are its handles and legs. Thanks to them, we can complement and change the character and style of furniture, depending on the chosen pattern, to make it look classic or modern. They are often chosen for kitchen furniture, in case they have not been included in a set. Removable legs can become furniture’s greatest decoration besides being an accessory. The metal feet we offer make a much more elegant alternative to typical kitchen furniture legs. However, in addition to their aesthetic function, they also have a very practical side.

The practical side of the furniture feet

Furniture feet act as the true foundation for your furniture.They are a necessity for houses with underfloor heating system. They enable heat dissipation as the furniture does not adhere to the parquet or panel flooring directly. Moreover, they make it easy to move furniture around and make it easier to keep rooms clean. They will be an exceptional aid for anyone who owns a robot vacuum cleaner. You can easily clean up the space under the furniture which is usually quite difficult to reach. Another thing, the feet prevent damage to and overloading of the surface of the floor. They are relatively inexpensive, so they can be replaced whenever we feel like it. This is an ideal solution for those, who wish to follow the latest design trends. Replacement of just the feet gives you an opportunity to modernize and update furniture and give it a whole new and trendy look.

Give your old furniture a new life

A new set of legs is an absolutely fantastic solution for furniture renovation. Sometimes, the only reason you are not fully using your dream table is down to one small damage. Attach loft furniture feet to an old chest to give it a unique character or decorative feet to the most basic table to create a beautiful and glamorous piece of furniture. It is easy to give a whole new look to furniture you are renovating by just replacing this one component. They will certainly outlive your furniture and give your vintage furniture a new and one of a kind look. Additionally, they will also increase the stability of the furniture and increase their possible weight-bearing capacity. Last but not least, they can be very easy to attach and will not require the use any specialised tools.

Your Highness, the Furniture

The furniture legs on offer are available in various shapes and heights. You will find the model types matching many kinds of household objects. They will match wooden furniture, such as cabinets, shelves, coffee tables, benches and chests of drawers as well as upholstered furniture, such as sofas, pouffes, couches and armchairs perfectly well. The combination of natural wood and precious metal gives a classic effect in a modern style. In case, you renovate your furniture with an upholsterer, do not forget about replacing the old feet with new ones, so you get a fully refurbished piece of furniture without spending your money on a new one!

Every model type is available in various heights to keep the height of different furniture in the room consistent. However, you could also choose a more eclectic approach and select a different set of feet for each piece of furniture to better express your personal taste. What’s more, they are easy to replace by a different model type, which is another advantage, so there will be no room for boredom!