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Side Gates

The side gate is a small but essential element of the property fence, as we use it almost every day. In front of the side gate, we often place a house number or a letterbox. Visitors coming to our house have to pass through the side gate, so it is the showpiece of the whole property combine with the driveway gate. Therefore, when you have to choose a suitable type among various side gates, it can be a serious challenge!

That’s why you need to think about what features your chosen model should have. First of all, think about the opening direction: do you need a side gate with a lock on the left or right? It depends on the location of the side gate in the overall fence. The height of the handle attachment is equally relevant. Due to the various sizes of the available models, you will find a fence gate that suits you.

The icing on the… fence

Of course, apart from the practical side, you also have to consider the visual one. After all, a well-chosen side gate can be a beautiful finishing element of the whole fence. If you decide on metal spans, you may choose a side gate in the same style. In this way, you will obtain both a solid fence and a coherent and homogenous arrangement of the space around the garden. However, if you plan to make the whole fence of a different material, you can choose a side gate matching the driveway gate. In this way, the decorative metal entrance to the property will play the first fiddle, catching the eye of everyone passing by.

Regardless of the material used for the whole fence, the side gate itself can be a significant fence element. We offer a variety of designs types.
You can choose a decorative, openwork model or find intricate, botanical decorations. However, if you prefer minimalism, you can opt for a simple panel model.

Grand Entrance

A metal side gate has many advantages. First of all, steel, additionally coated with a layer of zinc, is insensitive to weather conditions and does not corrode. What is more, it is a material resistant to mechanical damage: the gate cannot be harmed by daily opening and closing! Just remember to lubricate the hinges from time to time. It is the only maintenance you need to do around the metal side gates. Unlike wooden models, it requires no additional maintenance or impregnation. That’s why it’s a great choice, especially for people who aren’t fans of tidying up work around the house.

We should also not forget about the timelessness of steel. It is a material that never goes out of fashion. If you add modern design to the elegance of metal, you get little work of art!