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Log Holders

Imagine the atmosphere of a glowing fire place and enjoying delicious gulps of an aromatic tea on the cold evenings. For many people this would be an image of a warm and cosy comfort zone during autumn and winter. The only missing thing in the picture would be a handy log holder to make it easier for you to cast firewood to the fireplace anytime. A garden with an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit becomes a place of meetings and entertainment during spring and summer. While throwing garden parties and during campfire nights we gather around the fire often until the dawn so we need to keep a fire burning throughout the whole night. To do that, we need to have a stock of logs at hand. Thanks to the log holders we can create an organised, neat and tidy house and garden.

Log holder for a fireplace

Everyone cares about a clean and organised living room. For those who own a wood burning fireplace this requires an extra effort as a fallen over woodpile, scattered bark, small branches and wood shavings can add up to untidiness. In addition to this, wood logs stacked in a pile directly on the floor can damage the flooring so placing a firewood rack directly by a fireplace would surely allow to organise wood logs and prevent a damage to the floor. What’s more, its open design enhances the overall look of firewood which then becomes a decorative element of the interior and protects a floor from scratching. Thanks to this, you will enjoy the glowing and warm fire without worrying about any of these. Choosing a log holder with a shelf will give you an advantage of having an additional place to store fireplace accessories, such as a fire starter, matches or a fireplace brush. The log holder’s simplicity, minimalistic and modern style expose the natural beauty of wood.

Garden firewood rack ideas

Nowadays, the best solution for an outdoor use is a Corten steel log holder much appreciated by interior designers and architects. It is a solid and weather resistant steel material, ideal for an outdoor use and very decorative because of its rusty-brown colour. It corresponds ideally with natural materials such as wood, among others. The fire flame glowing on it will make its colour look even more interesting. An outdoor model placed in a garden or on a terrace will both play a functional and decorative role in your backyard arrangement while creating a unique and harmonious arrangement combined with a Corten stell fire pit.

Firewood storage

Firewood needs its own suitable storage place to ensure air circulation so that the logs could be seasoned in an appropriate way. The firewood needs to dry before it is burned so stacking wood in the log holder ensures a proper air circulation and allows moisture to evaporate whereas the logs stacked on the floor or by the wall become difficult to burn, smolders and produces less heat. By seasoning and storing wood properly it will burn cleanly, produce less smoke and yield heat in a much more efficient way.