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House Numbers

Who doesn’t know the frustration that arises when you can’t find the address you are looking for… We certainly wouldn’t want to bring that feeling on our visitors ourselves. For this reason, we need house numbers. Not only will they allow visitors to find your property, but also postmen, couriers and deliveries. In the event of any malfunction, they will help a specialist to reach your house: a chimney sweep, a plumber or an electrician. However, you should put numbers on your façade not only out of concern for your house or your guests, but above all for yourself! In case a doctor or an ambulance needs to be called, the house number will point the medical services to the right property. As you know, GPS navigations do not always have correctly coded addresses, or they are simply not up-to-date and do not have the addresses of newly built houses in their database. Therefore, it is worth betting on clear and solid address numbers – above all, for your own safety!

Address plaque

An interesting alternative to classic numbers are decorative plates with the number and street name. If they are hung on a fence or on the house, they are not only useful, but also decorative. If you decide on a model made of sheet metal, you can opt for black or white. In this way, the model you choose will perfectly fit into the style and character of your home!
For modern construction, both public and private, we recommend the Corten steel plaque. It is a fashionable, designer and above all durable solution. The house number plate, made of this material, will be an interesting complement to the front of a modernist house or office.

House number

Remember that having a number on your house is not only a matter of convenience, but first of all an obligation! Polish law regulates it by a special act. According to the letter of the law, the owner of the building should have the house number within thirty days from assigning such number by the commune. Otherwise it results in a fine! The location of numbers or plates should not be accidental either. Such marking should be placed on the front wall of the building, in a visible place. It must not be obscured by anything. If the house is located in the backyard, the house number should be located on the fence. It is best if it is additionally illuminated – this will enable identification of the property also at night.