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Driveway Gates

For sure most people will agree that the driveway gate is a showpiece of the property. It is well visible not only to our guests but also to everybody passing by the plot. What’s more, the gate is not only a complement to the fence and a decoration of the property, but above all, it also ensures safety and prevents access by unauthorized persons. Therefore, you should carefully consider the choice of the gate. What qualities should take into account?

Firstly, the gate must meet some practical requirements. In general, metal models are an excellent choice due to the material of construction. Steel, especially galvanised, is not only heavy and durable but also resistant to changeable weather conditions. It guarantees safety for years to come. What is more, it does not require care and maintenance. Therefore, by choosing driveway gates made of metal, you invest in a solid model which will serve you for a really long time.

Sliding and double-leaf gates

When you decide to buy a driveway gate and choose the location, you need to pay attention to the house emplacement. If the plot is short but deep and has a long entrance to the property, the best choice will be a double-leaf gate. What’s more, according to building regulations, the driveway gate must open inwards, and the symmetrical wings must not open out onto the road.

If your plot is longer than a wider one, the best choice will be a sliding gate that moves along the fence. With this type of gate, even if you have little space in front of your house, you will not lose free access to your garage or driveway.

Regardless of the gate type you choose, you will definitely find an appropriate size matching your fence in our offer. Remember that it would be best to select the gate that measures a minimum of 2.4 m in width! All offered gates are manual. At any time, you can transform the manual model into an automatic one by installing a drive and remote control.

Open yourself to design

Of course, equally important as the practical side is the design of a given model! The driveway gate must harmonise with the rest of the elements consisting of the fence to maintain a coherent appearance of its. Our gates are perfect for arrangements where the whole fence consists of metal spans. This solution will particularly suit modern or Scandinavian-style properties. However, our gates look great not only together with steel panels! Of course, the choice of both the fence and the gate made of the same material is a good and safe option, but metal also harmonizes well with wood. Especially models decorated with botanical or natural patterns: plants, animals, or birds will be suitable for such a combination. Steel also works beautifully with stone, creating an elegant and classic fence.