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Coat Hooks

There is a collection of things in every house which are used only occasionally but there are also those in everyday use. Coat hooks for hallway are certainly in the second category. If it were not for them, your apartment would be messy and disordered at the very entrance. The hallway coat hooks mounted on the wall act as the guardians of order, making sure the usually small space in the hallway is kept in a good order. They are also the first things that catch the eye of the inhabitants a well as their visitors at the entrance, when they are hanging their outwear and headgear. We can express our joy upon the arrival of guests by more than words. We could also express it with the coat hooks with an inscription! Thus, it is worth paying attention to this seemingly insignificant detail while decorating the hall. It will certainly welcome our guests and attract their attention in an subtle way.

Metal wall hooks

The coat hooks, having a simple or geometrical shape, will blend in perfectly in the loft and industrial type of interior. Modern wall hooks will also do a great job in all kinds of offices. The more decorative forms, having an elaborate ornament and a white matt finish will integrate ideally with and classic style. The coat hooks with a floral theme, for example, tree or branch-shaped, will fit in beautifully with the space full of natural colors and wood. It is worth keeping in mind, that a space besides the front door is not the only place to mount a coat hanger! The products we offer are also suitable to use in other rooms, such as bedrooms or in an elegant wardrobe. There is no doubt you will find the ideal coat hooks in our extensive offer, one which will wonderfully complement your interior design.

A handy solution for a limited space

A coat hanger would be the best idea for people who cannot afford to install a wardrobe in the hall area due to having a limited space, living in a block of flats or an apartment. What’s more, hallway coat hooks are a great option for people having a spacious build-in wardrobe, where you could hide all kinds of coats, fur coast and down jackets leaving lighter coats or umbrellas on the wall hooks during summertime. On the other hand, in the winter, you could take out warm clothes out of the wardrobe and hang them comfortably on the hall hooks, while summer clothes will go deep into the wardrobe. This way, you will always have clothes suitable for the weather close at hand and be able to find them much easier than if they were stashed together in the wardrobe. The practical hanger with hooks for clothes would be ideal for you if your hallway is awkward to decorate. Mount it in any place and enjoy being able to easily hang clothes anywhere you like.

Hook your clothes up

The wall hooks are a convenient alternative for a standing hanger model types which take up much more of a precious space than a hanging one. That’s why, it will be great in narrow corridors and vestibules. There is no risk of tipping over, especially if you have a child or a pet at home. It has a stable and ergonomic structure able to bear a considerable weight, so that your clothes won’t fall of the hanger. It is sturdy and durable so you can hang many things on it. In any season of the year it will handle the weight of your outwear, in the winter it will certainly manage to bear warm outwear, such as coats, scarfs, hats and gloves while in the summertime it will easily handle raincoats, handbags or hats. The wall hooks do not take up a lot of space and can be a glam element of interior design.

The modern hallway design

The metal wall hooks are a handy and strong solution beyond any doubt. Besides its most obvious function as a hanger, it also acts as a decorative element of your hall, corridor or vestibule. Such a product works best in a complementary arrangement, in which other decorative elements easily match one another to complete the look of a vestibule. You could put a hallway seat under the coat hooks and place key hooks on the opposite wall to create a modern,original and impressive hallway arrangement in just a few simple steps!