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Decorative Fence Panels

Providing a sturdy fence around your house and garden is a very important issue, and if you have small children – it’s even a priority. Due to the fact that the decision on the type of fencing is usually made for years, it is worth giving serious thought to this issue. The choice should fall on durable, solid and never-fading solution. Our fence panels meet all these criteria! Made of high quality steel they are durable and resistant to changeable weather conditions. It is also the material, which is always in fashion – black steel is synonymous with elegance and good taste!

As if made to measure

Our decorative panels are made with great commitment in order to meet your expectations as precisely as possible. That is why all of them are made to measure – you can perfectly adjust the size of individual spans to the length of your fence. All the openwork panels are designed with the greatest attention to detail and cut out with a precise laser technique so that each of them creates a modern work of art. We also offer the possibility to paint them in one of five available colours: black, white, brown, graphite or anthracite. You can also opt for unpainted panels, covered only with a layer of zinc. The choice of designs is enormous: we offer nearly one hundred and fifty different models so that you can find your ideal!

Decorative metal panels are not only an option for a beautiful fence. You can easily install them as balustrade of the terrace, balcony or veranda! Thanks to that you can arrange your garden in a consistent and stylish way. If you combine it with a garden screen of a similar design, you will obtain a beautiful and harmonious environment, which will surely distinguish your garden from others.

A private dimension

Decorative metal panels are a modern alternative not only to the classic wooden fences, but especially to the popular wrought iron spans. This type of fencing works well in the environment of a house with a classic shape. However, if your house was designed in a more contemporary, modernistic architectural style, openwork fence panels will become its showpiece. Our spans will also be perfect for single-family housing estates, where individual gardens border each other directly. Choosing subtle openwork panels, with delicate ornamentation will provide you with a closed, personal space and sense of privacy!