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Coffee Tables

Evening relaxation in the living room is something we dream about all day long. We can’t wait to stretch out on the sofa, reading a book or watching a film. The best thing is to have your favourite snacks or a mug of warm tea on hand. To find a place for them, we need living room benches. Placed next to a sofa or couch, they will provide space for all the things you need. It is a very comfortable option, especially when you adjust the height of the bench to the furniture in your living room.
This type of furniture will be perfect as a temporary table for a child. If you put an upholstered pouffe to it, you will find a comfortable place for your child, where he can, for example, draw or paint. While you work in the living room, you can keep an eye on your little one all the time.

Coffee on the bench

A room bench works well as a larger coffee table. It’s best to opt for it if your living room is large and your sofa is long. This makes it easy for everyone to reach the tabletop, which can accommodate many cups and plates with cakes or snacks. This gives the bench an advantage over a coffee table, which may be a more handy piece of furniture, but with a much smaller usable surface.
If your space allows you, it is also worth creating a uniform composition of a bench and a coffee table. By choosing products from one family, you will compose a harmonious set, which will not only be a comfortable furnishing of your room, but also a beautiful decoration of your living room. In order to find the perfect model, decide on a living room bench with individually selected colour of the base. This will give you an exceptional and unique piece of furniture, which will perfectly match your expectations and needs.

An idea in the making

An obvious application for such benches, apart from home living rooms, is in public spaces. In this type of place it is worth putting together furniture of different character to achieve an eclectic and slightly nonchalant, but very interesting interior.
It will find its place in all kinds of waiting rooms. You can put trade press on it, so that clients waiting for a hairdressing or beauty appointment can find inspiration for themselves. In a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room you can put children’s books and colouring books to keep the little ones occupied so they don’t worry too much about their appointment. In public offices, information leaflets and brochures of all kinds can be placed on the bench. The possibilities are endless and one thing is for sure – the bench definitely has a lot to offer!